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Driving course reviewed:Driving lessons
“Amazing driving instructor!…”
Reviewed by: Kate Lockwood
Sept 11th 2012
“I just wanted to send some feedback. Score is definitely a 5.
Richard has been an amazing driving instructor! He is so calm and explains everything very clearly. Even at my moments of ridiculous nerves he managed to put a smile back on my face and keep me focused. I passed my test first time today! I will definitely be recommending to all. Thanks again!”


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BC’s driving school is the best driving school in Huddersfield, our fantastic reputation has allowed us to expand into new areas using the very best driving instructors in areas such as Halifax, Bradford, Brighouse, Dewsbury, Heckmondwike, Mirfield, Batley and many other areas nearby. If you’re not sure whether we cover your area then please ring or email with your address and we will do our best to accommodate you.BC’s Driving School is very innovative and was the first driving school to offer a 10 lessons for £99 deal and as such have had opportunity to fine tune it into a course which not only incredible value for money but also significantly increases your chances of passing the test on the first attempt, which again speeds up the time taken to achieve the goal of passing your test while minimising the cost.
Our courses have worked so well that during 2011 we had a record number of pupils pass their test with Zero faults, a perfect result!!
As privately owned and run driving school.
All our driving instructors are CRB checked and DSA approved, including the highest standard of grade 6 driving instructor. To ensure we have the best driving instructors all our instructors are additionally checked in house as well as by the DSA.We believe in continuous professional development and actively put this belief to practise. A large number of our driving instructors have passed a higher level qualification of fleet driving instruction.

BC’s driving school is constently working to ensure the very best deals in the industry are available to our pupils. Although we don’t offer cheap driving lessons, we do ensure that we provide the very best value for money.

Eco driving
As a driving school which also provides fleet training for local businesses to improve driving standards within their fleet and so keep down their motoring costs through a reduction in accidents and less wear and tear on their vehicles we also train drivers in the art of eco driving, being able to drive the car in a more fuel efficient mannor. We also use this knowledge during our standard driving lessons passing on the skills to new drivers.

Driving test nerves.
A number of driving test candidates have a problem with test nerves to the point where they suffer the “mist” causing them to make serious mistakes in their driving and so failing their test. This is usually caused by an initial lack of confidence and often a pupils lack of knowledge. This is often present when the pupil still has a relience on their driving instructor for a level of guidence. The best instructors have given their pupils the full responsibility of decision making and have instilled in the pupil a good level of self confidence. These pupils who have the confidence and knowledge will be very unlikely to suffer from the “mist” and find decision making much easier, these pupils feel to be in control during the test and any initial nerves quickly subside and turn into a slightly hightened adrenalin helping making correct decisions in a timley mannor. In short nerves is usually a feature of a slightly unprepared driver. At BC’s Driving school part of our first time pass course is a number of mock tests conducted over a short period of time, the reason for this is the extra confidence that this will give the pupil as they have to make the decisions without their instructors help and they get chance to understand their own driving before taking the practical test.

BTEC Level 2 Safe driver award.
More than just getting your driving licence, completing a BTEC Award will ensure you have a better understanding of your driving and will help to keep you and your passengers safer. This BTEC Award is already being recognised by a growing number of insurance companies, giving significant discounts to those who have qualified, insurance companies only do this because they believe these driver will be less of a risk to the insurers as being safer drivers. Taking the BTEC Award will compliment both the theory and practical tests. As you study the elements of the BTEC Award in safe driving it will help you into a deeper and greater understanding of each element, making the understanding of the thoery easier, it will also make the driving test easier by making you better prepared with a sound understanding which leads to a confident drive.

Cheap Driving Lessons.
Anyone wanting to learn to drive needs to be very careful when choosing a driving instructor, its too easy to just go for the cheap driving lessons, but you need to ask yourself why the instructor is so cheap. The reason is usually one of two reasons. Firstly they are not a very good instuctor either in terms of customer service or teaching abilities, maybe even both. After paying for a large number of cheap driving lessons you will probably still be unsure of what your supposed to be doing in terms of passing the driving test and driving safely by yourself. Having taken many more lessons than you would have needed with a good instructor you’ll probably be nervous on your driving test due to a lack of confidence in your own decision making and understanding. Secondly the instructor might be a very new instructor, only recently qualified, while they might be able to teach correctly your likely to have to take many more lessons due to their lack of experience. In both cases when your purchasing cheap driving lessons your not purchasing quality and so instead of requiring 30 hours instruction to attain test standard you might be paying for 40 or 50 hours, your also more likely to need to take the test at least one more time with a new or poor driving instructor taking your total spend on driving lessons to a much higher amount. Remember you get what you pay for. All our driving courses and packages are based on our driving instructors being able to earn a resonable average lesson price, ensuring that they can pay the cost of providing the driving lesson while taking home a worthwhile wage.
Unfortunatly for the industry driving lessons in Huddersfield, the average price for driving lessons is very low, when we compare the price of a driving lesson with private one to one lessons in any other subject driving lessons cost about a third less while the cost to the driving instructor is many many times the cost of providing most other subjects. At BC’s Driving school we are aiming to change this with a new service using only the very top instructors, giving the very best value for money. These are not cheap driving lessons, infact they’re among the most expensive per hour, but the speed and quality of learning makes for very good value for money. Remember you get what you pay for.

Putting the customer first.
Best Customer Service.
Specialising in a variety of driving courses from beginner courses to crash courses. We offer a variety of discounts on block bookings and intensive driving courses, All of which can be booked on-line for your convenience.