Learner Insurance

It often helps to get plenty of private practice, the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) recommend private practice. Learners who are able to have private practice tend to be more confident in their driving and are more likely to pass their driving test first time.

But we all know the problems of expensive insurance, especially when a younger driver tries to be added on to their parents insurance, the insurance companies charge a fortune.

An other option is available, learner insurance specifically designed for learners!!!
Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Marmalade Learner insurance

Competitive short term insurance for Learner drivers practising in friends or relatives cars.
Competitive short term insurance for Learner drivers practising in friends or relatives cars.

Marmalade learner insurance allows a learner driver to practise in a family or friend’s car without risking the No Claims Bonus of the owner.
The car must have primary insurance in the owner’s name and our insurance will not cover a car owned by the learner driver.
We can insure cars up to Group 32, with a maximum market value of £20,000, that are under 20 years old.
It is a fully comprehensive insurance policy with an excess of £250 priced from £85 for one month’s cover, with the option to take out for 2 or 3 months for a further discount. They are able to renew as often as you need until your pupil has passed their test. This insurance ceases as soon as the learner driver passes their test and as such will not cover them to drive home from the test once they have passed
Learner drivers can get a quote online by simply entering their postcode and they can ask questions by phone or by live chat via our website

Collingwood Learner Insurance
Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Flexible Short Term Insurance For Learner Drivers Insure Any Car, Group 15 or less and under £20,000 in value.

With a Collingwood Learner Insurance policy you can insure any car, group 15 or less and under £20,000 in value, when you need it, from as short as a week.

Drive your parents, grandparents, friends or relatives car without any risk to their insurance. Just take out a policy for each vehicle when you need it.

Use the CODE 317103 as your instructor code to get a discount.
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