Theory and Study Sessions

Please download our free theory and hazard perception app which includes study material, mock tests, a copy of the highway code and a copy of “know your signs.” Its a great aid to your learning, including everything you need and it’s all free.

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Once you’ve learnt your stuff use this link to book your theory test on the official government web site.
Click here to Book or change your theory test on-line.

BC’s Theory Study Sessions

We’ve been seeing a large increase in the number of pupils failing their theory tests recently and wasting money.

The reason for this is the DVSA who create the theory test have made it more difficult, also they’ve stopped publishing the questions. In the days gone by you could buy the official questions and go through them all making sure you remember the answers to the questions being asked, not anymore. Now the study material is based on the questions they used to ask!
To pass today you really need to understand the subjects, many questions might have multiple answers which are correct, but which is the most important answer? which one comes first? Also some of the terminology has been changed, will you know what the question is about if you’ve not read everything about the subject?

Trying to remember all those facts is very difficult.

We’re here to make sense of it all, to link together different facts and make everything much easier to remember, making you a better driver as well as helping you to pass the test 1st time!

Get properly prepared for your theory or gain better understanding of the theory to assist you on your driving lessons or for your practical test.

BC’s are holding a workshop to enable you to pass the theory test and therefore be able to progress with your driving. Allowing you to work with your instructor and book your practical test.

Our workshops are here to help you save money as it’s expensive to keep failing the test, much better to prepare well for it and pass 1st time.

It is on Wednesday afternoon, 24th February 2016, 12:30pm until 2:30pm

The meeting room, Greenhead Park Cafe, (the top one by the tennis courts)

£10 through our online booking.

Bring along your payment receipt as proof of purchase.